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Cooking at Home

People are growing overweight and obese at epidemic rates, partly stemming from sedentary lifestyles and poor eating habits. It is easy to eat too much, too conveniently, just about anywhere, without thought of calories or nutrition. We eat away from home too often, where large portions and high calories are the norm. One way to regain control is to cook healthy meals at home. Although not magic, if informed about this positive lifestyle change you can cook better for yourself than anyone else can. You can be in control. You can select your foods, prepare them appropriately, and serve them in healthy portions. Families dining at home together can enjoy the “back to basics” lifestyle that is starting to regain attention. Families can de-stress, and feel more connected when cooking and eating together. In our fast paced culture, home cooking is sadly becoming a lost art. Young people think that cooking at home is popping a highly processed TV dinner into the microwave. People need to know that real cooking is fun, and the time spent doing it can be relaxing and meditative. The results are interesting, tasty, and healthy, and you can feel accomplishment at what you’ve created and shared. Thousands of good cook books are available on all types of cuisine, fancy to very simple. You can outfit your kitchen by purchasing cooking equipment and utensils that help you to be an effective and efficient cook. The links on this page will help you to learn what to do. Eat well and have fun! Bon appetite!!