Consider Exchanging Links With Us!

Why Exchange links?

Many search engines like Google are ranking your web pages based on link popularity; the number of links that point to your web site. Today, link popularity is essential to the success of your web site. In addition, strategically placed links can also bring you web traffic from other sites, especially from sites with rich content or products and services related to your own. Reciprocal links are an excellent way to place your links on other websites.

Steps to exchange links:
We do not promise that your site will be automatically added to our link-partner pages after you fill out and submit of the form found below. We reserve the right to refuse reciprocal linking based on our perception of your site as an appropriate match for ours. Your site should meet these requirements:

1. Reciprocal linking - this means that you must first place a link to us on your web site before you request inclusion on our links pages.

Our link must be accessible on a page linked to your homepage. We do not accept sites whose link page is not linked from the homepage. We will only accept one request from each website.

2. Nature of your web site - we do not accept sites that contain the following;
    - numerous popups
    - banner or link farms
    - offensive materials --- racism, hate, pornography, libel, or profanity
    - the encouragement of illegal activity

3. Add our link to your site
We request that you use this link title, URL and description for Obesity Network on your web site:


Obesity Network
Your source for information, news, products, and services for obesity

To create the above link, you may copy the following HTML code into your web page directly:

<p><a href="">Obesity Network</a><br>
Your source for information, news, products, and services for obesity


You may use one of our banners.
Just right-click on the banner and "Save image as"
then link the banner to

468 x 60 (full banner)

234 x 60 (half banner)

120 x 90



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