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Meditation, a centuries-old practice, is now becoming mainstream and is entering the medical establishment. Meditation is quieting the busy mind. Overworked minds, like overworked bodies, need regular rest; it’s just that most people never think about the mind in that way. We all remember how our overworked bodies can experience illness, stress, and strain. This is when we are forced to rest and get good sleep. Our minds need rest also. The mind is always thinking, even during sleep - because we dream. The mind seldom gets a chance to rest.

However, with meditation the mind can slow down and relax. With practice, it is possible to stop the thoughts altogether for a short time. In times of stress and serious illness we are constantly worried, keeping the mind reeling with thoughts. There is a lot of evidence of a mind-body connection, and there is evidence that the mind does directly affect the body’s health. For the overweight, meditation has been found to reduce mental negativity and stress hormones which can lead to over-eating. Although not a quick cure for obesity, it can help curb emotional eating and lead to healthier relationships with food.

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