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Morbid Obesity

Morbid obesity, also known as "clinically severe obesity" is defined as being 100 pounds or more over ideal body weight. Today almost 100 million Americans, are overweight or obese. An estimated 5-10 million of those are considered morbidly obese. If you are Morbidly Obese, you are at very high risk for the following conditions:

· Diabetes
· Hypertension
· Heart Disease
· Stroke
· Certain cancers, including breast and colon
· Depression
· Osteoarthritis

Left untreated, morbid obesity can lead to early death. The complication here is this; the problem is exacerbated because many people who are morbidly obese are not physically capable of exercise. This is a serious problem for people worldwide. On this web page, you can learn about the problem and its options for treatment. If you, or a loved one has morbid obesity, you need to quickly get help. Please work with a doctor to advise and monitor you situation. You must commit to diet and exercise or a physical rehabilitation program that will allow you to exercise. You need to read and become knowledgeable about your condition. Depending on your condition, some of the exercise equipment, products and books may help you on your road to recovery. Good Luck!

Additional Resources:

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