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Current News About Obesity

Obesity in the News

Obesity is now recognized as one of the most serious health problems facing young and old alike. It is having a major impact on the well being of people in many countries around the world. Doctors, educators, and health care systems are struggling to better understand and control this problem, which is considered by some to be a disease. After decades of relative indifference, newspapers and the media have recognized the significance of obesity. We can now find many articles every day on this topic. The Obesity Network is committed to providing you with the latest and most important stories on all aspects of this subject.

Recent Headlines on Obesity

Britons winning the battle against obesity

Clinton speaks to kids fromheart about obesity

Appetite suppressant could lead to obesity treatment

Hunger hormone discovery boosts fight against obesity

Obesity surgery doubles in size

The Hormone That Could Cure Obesity

Obesity linked to prediabetes in kids

Eight factors for childhood obesity

Bitter Melon Combats Obesity

Obesity Measure Should Be Redefined

Kraft decides to Fight Obesity Among Children

Rats provide obesity data

Obesity caused by physical, emotional problems

The fight against obesity must start in doctor's office

Tyra Banks Experiences Obesity Through Fat Sui

Obesity more harmful for liver than alcoho

Obesity surgery is much riskier than previously thought, study say

Testing for Obesity: Bye-Bye BMI

Family meals help cut obesity

Studies find that obesity harms Americans' financial health, too

Government Issues 12 New Food Pyramids

Newborn’s Fast Weight Gain Could Signal Obesity Risk

Obese women two times more likely to have a stroke

Study: Gov't Overstated Danger of Obesity - April 20, 2005

Study: Radical Diets Can Lead to Obesity

Radical weight control may lead girls to obesity, study says

Obesity is not that dangerous after all

Study: Fewer than expected dying from obesity

Obesity Danger May Have Been Overstated

'Supersize' Spurlock discusses obesity trend

CDC playing politics over obesity

Bypassing obesity Weight-loss method reduces fat; may increase health risks

Canadian kids rank 4th in global obesity rates

The Myth of "Healthy" Obesity

Obesity health peril overstated - Now 7th, not 2nd, among leading preventable death causes after CDC revision

New food pyramid fights U.S. obesity

Don't blame obesity solely on soft drinks

Doctors Warn Against Obesity in Toddlers

Obesity link to diabetes 'underestimated'

Has the Obesity Epidemic Peaked?

Kids' Weight Can Forecast Adult Obesity

Obesity may encourage heart failure

Obesity Linked to Pancreatic Cancer

PepsiCo curbs advertising to kids

Oregon Senate takes on childhood obesity with new bill

Obesity Linked To Kidney Stones

Albany Targeting Overweight Children

French use their loaf to battle obesity

Junk Food And Obesity Spurs EU Warning

Scientists find potential new target for obesity and diabetes treatments

The quick bite to obesity - Latest study links fast food to weight gain and twice the increase in insulin resistance

Breast Cancer Risk - Overweight postmenopausal women benefit from exercise

Is Your Dog Overweight?

Half-Ton Man Drops 500 Lbs

Obesity Still Threatens to Become America’s No. 1 Killer ; A CDC Study Was Flawed, but the End Results Will Be the Same If We Don't Change

Marketers to chew the fat over threats to junk-food ads

Council to fight obesity in kids

Childhood Obesity Still A Growing Trend

Combating Childhood Obesity

Obesity Again Primary Health Concern in 2005

Bariatric Surgery Lowers Cost of Treating Severely Obese Employees, Advise Centers for Obesity Related Illness (CORI)

School district posts success in obesity fight

Obesity conference focuses on partnerships to improve health of California’s children

Teen Obesity Is a Ticking Time Bomb

Study: Obesity impairs sexual activity

Time to monitor middle school pupils' middles

Analysis: Childhood obesity spread in 2004

Obesity 'could delete generation

Outsourcing obesity?