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Welcome to the Obesity Network! Our purpose is to connect people who are overweight or obese with information, products and services that may help in efforts to lose weight, regain health and live well. What is obesity? How prevalent is it? Why is it harmful? What other conditions can it lead to? How is obesity affecting our children? What can we learn and do to combat it? The links on this page will take you to information, books and products that may help answer these questions.

The topics listed in the site map below address the various aspects of obesity and weight loss. In these pages you will discover how overweight and obesity are becoming a world wide health concern affecting young and old alike. Obesity can lead to problems with careers, jobs, relationships, and can even lead to physical disability. Beyond that, obese people are more prone to a number of diseases such as problems with bones, joints, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, stroke and coronary disease. Awareness and education are vital to fighting these obesity-related problems, and the topics presented here may help you to develop a better understanding of what to do to improve your life or the lives of your loved ones.

In addition, you will find links to books, videos and variety of products that may help you to lose weight and improve the quality of your life. These products, provided by our respected affiliate merchants, have high quality and utility. Some are unique or unusual, and others can be found at sale prices or with discounts. To see our products in one place, please come and visit our store.



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